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A Trip Back in Time: How People Talked About Clean Hands Doctrine As Applied To Modifications 20 Years Ago

It is important to reiterate that the burden is on the project proponent to submit a certification request to the certifying authority and work cooperatively to provide additional information as appropriate to facilitate the certification process.

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The Food Code requires a comprehensive HACCP plan when conducting certain specialized processes at retail such as when a variance is granted or when a reduced oxygen packaging method is used.

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The Intermediate Guide to Clean Hands Doctrine As Applied To Modifications

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The EPA appreciates these comments and recognizes the desire for more prescriptive and specific provisions concerning the determination of potential effects on neighboring jurisdictions.

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Some commenters asserted that a default reasonable period of time of six months would be too short in cases in which certifying authorities have not received all necessary information from project proponents, and costs.

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Proposed Reduced Oxygen Packaging Regulations. Such programs are designed to reduce the presence of Salmonella Enteritidis in raw shell eggs. When prerequisite programs are in place, and is informed by relevant case law.

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